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Airless Pen Triangle

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Airless Pen Triangle


The Water based ink in a felt-tipped pen naturally evaporates when exposed to air, so the nib is normally covered with a cap, which must then be removed, and hopefully recapped, with every use.
Constantly taking the cap off and putting it back on can add up to quite a bit of bother. The cap can also be lost very easily, and if the pen is left uncovered for even just a few hours, it can dry out and become useless.
Airless pen Triangle, to be used for all our customers, takes you right way to grip the pen with three sides of smooth line. It also comes in many different colors; Black, Red, Blue, Green and Yellow.

Quality Assurance Mark

1. Name of the Model: Airless pen (It comes in three different models: Original, Screw, Triangle. Original has Felt-tip, screw type has 0.5,0.7 mm metal tip, and Triangle has the same pen tip as the Staedtler Fineliner.)

2. Material Substance: Water-based ink, PP

3. Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

4. Manufactured by: All Button Co.,Ltd

5. Sold by: [Blank]

6. Customer Service Center: 26, Yangpyeong-ro 21st street, Yeongdeongpo-gu, Seoul City

7. Official Website:


Cautions for Use

1. Do not use the pen for purposes not intended (in particular, for drawings and paintings on the skin)

2. Do not put the pen in or near the mouth.

3. Special attention required when children or infants are using the pens.

4. Avoid placing the pen under direct sunlight or near any heating or cooling devices.

5. The product may be damaged or the ink may leak if it gets exposed to some external impact.

6. There is no need to put the cap on. Press the button once after use to prevent drying or contamination of the ink.

7. Do not put too much pressure on the pen as the pen tip may break.

8. Lay the pen down flat when stored.

9. Due to the ink material, using the pen for a long period may be difficult. When the ink leaks and contaminates the clothing, the stain may not come off.

10. Long term unused should shake the pen before use


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